Episode 15: While Supplies Last
June 30, 2015

Pundit Program [2:04] 
That Number is Actually 40 [7:38]
Many Things for Sale [16:32]
Smoke Gets in Our Eyes [32:20]
Match Report - Masons v. Engineers [38:50]
Contest: Stop Flint [46:08]
Interview with Jamie P. [50:41]
TwitterQs [1:28:46]

The contest scenario:

late in the turn, Flint has found himself in possession of an errant goal kick. He is 15” from goal and has 2 influence but zero momentum. Before he can score an inevitable goal, the Engineers do get an activation. Ratchet is engaging Flint on the away-from-goal side - so he is a little further from the goal and not blocking the path to the goal for Flint. Ratchet has only one influence to spend, but he does have one momentum to work with. Only these two players have activations remaining and there are no other players in range to affect the play in any way. So, how do you, the Engineer Coach, prevent Flint from scoring a goal in his next activation?

AuthorPhil Bowen