I suspect that creating your own unique goal models will become a big part of the Guild Ball hobby. It's certainly a great opportunity for the modelling-inclined to differentiate themselves on the tabletop. Being so-inclined, I'm getting started on mine already.

The plan, though, is to initially avoid having to do 8 full goal models. I will likely do that eventually, but for the immediate future, I would like to have a project that can be completed a bit quicker, but does not sacrifice any value or artistic interest.

What I decided to do was create a pair of similar posts from which Guild-specific icons could be hung for each team. This would essentially half the workload, but also be kind of rad in ints own way.

Here is the common post model.

I put a lot of work into doing some photo-realistic shading and detail on this. There is not a stick of actual wood or bamboo in this thing anywhere - it is all just plastic and string and a silly amount of brushwork.

Because I happened to have a perfect icon laying about, the first to get completed was the Fishermen.

And here is the pair, ready to play.

AuthorPhil Bowen

Still working slowly through my Robotech figures. I definitely have way more than I will ever need, probably by a long shot, but I was very excited about these things.

The latest figures - Note the clear acrylic bases on the final models. I've only recently started using clear bases with some minis and I love the effect. The central section of the Defender torso really shows it's join line badly. I think I'll have to go back and fill it with putty and repaint the area. That is the first spot on any of these that I am unhappy enough with to rework though. The join lines tend to be pretty subtle after painting.

The growing UEDF. I am getting used to the build process, but it's still more difficult than it needed to be. I'm happy with the finished miniatures though, and that's all that matters.

Zentraedi massing for battle - I wish there was more than just pods in wave 1, it's going to get pretty tedious after the first dozen.

So, overall I am still satisfied with the finished figures once they're assembled and painted. They look like the things they should look like. That doesn't mean that I'm thrilled with the build process, especially for the UEDF which are needlessly difficult with too many parts and little attention payed to the joins. 

What really strikes me is that it increasingly feels like the two factions were created by different people entirely. The parting philosophy, the detail fidelity, the sprue attachment concealment or lack thereof. It's almost like I'm working with two different manufacturers and two different lines of figures. I'm increasingly curious about what wave 2, if it ever comes, will be like.

AuthorPhil Bowen

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So, through a fortuitous series of events I wound up with one of the few Robotech RPG Tactics core boxes available in the wild at the time of this writing. As a public service, I present some images of the box, the contents, and the assembled miniatures.

This is the box. What's in the box? 

The contents, still in the box.

The contents, all over my desk.

UEDF miniatures

Veritech, up close.

The bad guys.

A group shot. Aren't you a little short for a Destroid?

Impressions in a nutshell - the battle pods are the cream of the crop, they're perfect. The UEDF stuff looks pretty good once it's built, but the build process is not for the faint of heart. I'm likely just too smitten with actually having Robotech miniatures to be adequately objective.

Thanks to Eric for helping me get my hands on this stuff sooner than I should have.

UPDATE: 9/20/14

I've assembled a few more figures and more importantly, painted a couple. Thought I would include these in here as well.

The Guardian build is very similar to the Battloid version, but not as fiddly - fewer pieces and less pose potential. The Tomahawk is much more to my liking than that first Defender was. The build went better and it looks pretty good. I think I figured out the issue I had with the feet, but I might start pinning the hips - not because it's weak, but because they might go together easier with some structure.

And here is the payoff. Pretty ecstatic with these. They paint up well - I could have gone a bit more over-the-top with the paintjobs, but these took an evening each and that's about the most I think I can justify when it comes to balancing the desire for great looking minis and the number I need to paint. I like to just sit and look at them, Robotech miniatures. They are a thing. Hard to find anything negative to say when you're swooshing them around the desk while wearing a stupid grin.

AuthorPhil Bowen
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