Still working slowly through my Robotech figures. I definitely have way more than I will ever need, probably by a long shot, but I was very excited about these things.

The latest figures - Note the clear acrylic bases on the final models. I've only recently started using clear bases with some minis and I love the effect. The central section of the Defender torso really shows it's join line badly. I think I'll have to go back and fill it with putty and repaint the area. That is the first spot on any of these that I am unhappy enough with to rework though. The join lines tend to be pretty subtle after painting.

The growing UEDF. I am getting used to the build process, but it's still more difficult than it needed to be. I'm happy with the finished miniatures though, and that's all that matters.

Zentraedi massing for battle - I wish there was more than just pods in wave 1, it's going to get pretty tedious after the first dozen.

So, overall I am still satisfied with the finished figures once they're assembled and painted. They look like the things they should look like. That doesn't mean that I'm thrilled with the build process, especially for the UEDF which are needlessly difficult with too many parts and little attention payed to the joins. 

What really strikes me is that it increasingly feels like the two factions were created by different people entirely. The parting philosophy, the detail fidelity, the sprue attachment concealment or lack thereof. It's almost like I'm working with two different manufacturers and two different lines of figures. I'm increasingly curious about what wave 2, if it ever comes, will be like.

AuthorPhil Bowen