I suspect that creating your own unique goal models will become a big part of the Guild Ball hobby. It's certainly a great opportunity for the modelling-inclined to differentiate themselves on the tabletop. Being so-inclined, I'm getting started on mine already.

The plan, though, is to initially avoid having to do 8 full goal models. I will likely do that eventually, but for the immediate future, I would like to have a project that can be completed a bit quicker, but does not sacrifice any value or artistic interest.

What I decided to do was create a pair of similar posts from which Guild-specific icons could be hung for each team. This would essentially half the workload, but also be kind of rad in ints own way.

Here is the common post model.

I put a lot of work into doing some photo-realistic shading and detail on this. There is not a stick of actual wood or bamboo in this thing anywhere - it is all just plastic and string and a silly amount of brushwork.

Because I happened to have a perfect icon laying about, the first to get completed was the Fishermen.

And here is the pair, ready to play.

AuthorPhil Bowen